Our Services

Romanair Heliworx is a factory-authorized service center for the Robinson R44 helicopter. The helicopters we maintain are serviced to the highest standards. We assure you that helicopters do not leave our possession without us feeling comfortable with taking our own
families in them. 

From scheduled to unschedule maintenance, our licensed A&P mechanics are here to help.  

Labor Rates

  • Robinson R44 and other piston helicopters: $80/hr
  • Robinson R66: $90/hr
  • All other turbine helicopters: $100/hr

Services that we provide:

  • Oil changes
  • 100 hour inspections
  • Robinson 12 year inspections
  • Robinson 2200 hour overhauls
  • Track and balance
  • Routine maintenance

Robinson Helicopter Company R44 Factory-Authorized Service Center

Robinson Helicopter 2020 (pdf)